Odin’s Chosen: A Handbook of Ásatrú

Odin’s Chosen: A Handbook of Ásatrú

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Odin's Chosen: A Handbook of Asatru was written for Odinist/Asatruar seeking to expand their knowledge of the Old ways and for individuals who are seeking a comprehensive guide that encompasses the essentials of our religion. Within this text you will find: The History of Asatru; The Norse Creation Myth; Ragnarok; Yggdrasil and the Nine Worlds; The Soul and Afterlife Concepts; Runes of the Elder Furhark; A Calendar of Our Holy Days; How to Conduct a Blot, Feast, and Sumble; Burial Customs, Kindred Structure; and much more...qOne day Midgard will rise from the seas and be fertile again. Crops will grow on unsown fields and the grass will be vibrant and green. The remaining ... Sunnaa#39;s daughter will emerge and take her place above Yggdrasill, providing light for all.

Title:Odin’s Chosen: A Handbook of Ásatrú
Author:Faolchú Ifreann, Tyrsoak Josephsson
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2015-03-07


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