Of the Students, By the Students, and For the Students

Of the Students, By the Students, and For the Students

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Annually, China produces more than 5 million college graduates who have been compelled to study English as a foreign language for 10 to 17 years but graduate functionally illiterate, unable to produce comprehensible oral or written English. English is taught as a subject required to pass tests and not as a communicative language. The problems are identified, confirmed by post-graduate students and solutions are presented. The development and success of a remedial program designed for the collegiate level, Holistic English, is well documented by the students at top tier and second tier universities, as well as 3rd tier and vocational colleges in seven Provinces of China. This is a compelling story of a 30 year old failed program that reminds us of Albert Einsteina€™s definition of insanity: a€œDoing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.a€A 100 word essay was required about the experience. Many essays were honest about not completing the assignment due to fear of speaking English only for an entire day. Other essays were too perfect, a tall tale relating what the studentsanbsp;...

Title:Of the Students, By the Students, and For the Students
Author:Martin Wolff
Publisher:Cambridge Scholars Publishing - 2010-10-12


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