Oh Promised Land

Oh Promised Land

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In 1795 the rugged and dangerous Mississippi Territory is open for exploration and settlement by the rare few who have the courage and determination to survive. When pioneers Sam'l Dabney and his sister, Honoria, lose their parents in a Creek attack and must leave Georgia to begin new lives, they head for French-held Louisiana in order to find qLock Pokaq, which in Choktaw means qhere we restq or qpromised landq. Sam Dabney is a man of rare strength and size and resolute spirit a€” a larger-than-life hero who rises by his boldness and acumen from being qol' man Dabney's bratq to a man of consequence in the settling, trading, and armed protection of the land. Sam, his sister Honoria, his wife Donna, and his Choktaw companion, Tishomingo, form the core of this panoramic saga a€” Sam is an opportunist and is quick to take risks in order to establish himself and support his family; Donna, devoted but delicate, finds her life threatened by fever, but helps Sam guard a dangerous secret; Honoria, beautiful, unscrupulous and greedy, makes money her only standard; and Tishmingo works to develop an English alphabet for the Cherokee language and fulfills a debt of hatred. The story also teems with historical characters, Indians, renegades, politicians, pioneers, slaves and richly portrayed incidental figures as well as facts about French, Spanish, British and American interests that enhance or impede progress on every page. Oh Promised Land is the first book in a five novel saga of the unforgettable Dabney family. A robust and entertaining picture of a period (1795-1817) meticulously researched and convincingly portrayed.He struck a deal with Abernathy to protect all lands which his company had bought. a€œSure, Ia#39;ll do it. I dona#39;t mind turning an ... send word to Georgia that any man who settles on your companya#39;s land without paying you a fair price will be punished. ... Ia#39;ll survey your land as a wedding present, and Ia#39;ll guard your companya#39;s land for ten dollars a month. ... The Indian guests began arriving early the next morning and many were drunk before the sun had driven the dampness from the land.

Title:Oh Promised Land
Author:James H. Street
Publisher:eNet Press - 2014-05-22


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