Ohio Traffic Tickets Are for the Birds

Ohio Traffic Tickets Are for the Birds

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a€œThe book promises to stoke the timeless war between those who write the tickets and the objects of their affections.a€ -Caryl Segalewitz, Dayton Daily News a€œWolk is either a maverick hell-bent on improving the legal system, or hea€™s a brash upstarta€beither way, hea€™s a hero with me for championing the cause of motorists who are bullied into paying traffic ticketsa€bWolka€™s observations and hypothetical courtroom cross-examinations are fascinatinga€bProsecutors and city officials can benefit from his exposure of weaknesses.a€ -Denise Smith Amos, Cincinnati Enquirer a€œWolk rails, often humorously, against local government a€˜abuse and misusea€™ of traffic laws and doles out ways to combat traffic tickets.a€ -Donna Robb, Cleveland Plain Dealer a€œWolka€™s tome offers detailed, step-by-step instructions for fighting all kinds of misdemeanor traffic tickets.a€ -Bob Dyer, Akron Beacon Journall a€œJust like his current book, any future literary offerings will be in keeping with his philosophya€”every citizen has a duty to protect the rights of the individual and to ensure that the government is doing its job.a€ -Carl Chancellor, Akron Beacon Journal a€œThere are good people who become lawyersa€bWolk is one.a€ -William Grim, Freelance A compact manual relaying a proven method for fighting tickets. Applicable to all states. Includes Pennsylvania turnpike tickets.A Practical Defense Manual for Juveniles and Adults Brian Jonathan Wolk ... Well , I am the proud owner of a laser-red 2001 Ford Mustang GT. Ia#39;m also the proud owner of a great radar detector that, of course, doesna#39;t detect stopwatches.

Title:Ohio Traffic Tickets Are for the Birds
Author:Brian Jonathan Wolk
Publisher:iUniverse - 2002-02-01


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