Oktober 1818 - 1820

Oktober 1818 - 1820

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Politics - Congress of Aix-la-Chapelle; WA¼rttemberg Constitution of 1818, Convocation of the State Parliaments in Southern Germany; Death of Queen Katharina von WA¼rttemberg; Murder of A. von Kotzebue; K. L. Sand's fate; The Carlsbad Decrees and the persecution of demagogues; the anti-Semitic Hep-Hep riots; the Liberal Revolution in Spain. Career - Consolidation of her position as editor of the a€œMorgenblatta€; Giving up her editorships of the a€œKunstblatta€ and a€œLiteratur-Blatta€; Translations, smaller essays, and a€œHuber's collected storiesa€ (Vols. 3 and 4); Giving up her anonymity as a writer; Acquaintance with Jean Paul; Conflicts with J. F. von Cotta and A. MA¼llner. Personal life - Relocation of the G. von Greyerz family to Augsburg; L. von Herder's stay in Switzerland; V. A. Huber's studies in GApttingen and WA¼rzburg, his doctoral degree, his interest in the Spanish War of Liberation; Shorter trips in Southern Germany; Visits to Stuttgart by GApttingen relatives in Stuttgart.724a€“725, 1424a€“1426932 731, 1432942R 945 740, 1440 972 763, 1458 a€“ Christian Gottlob Heyne. Biographisch dargestellt 844 1365 945 740, 1440 a€“ Handbuch der alten Erdbeschreibung, s. J. B. Nourguignon d Anville, Bearb. s.

Title:Oktober 1818 - 1820
Publisher:Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG - 2013-07-31


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