Olfaction and Taste

Olfaction and Taste

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International Symposium Series, Volume 1: Olfaction and Taste covers the proceedings of the First International Symposium on Olfaction and Taste, held at the Wenner-Gren Center, Stockholm, Sweden on September 1962. This symposium aims to explore the physiological and psychological aspects of olfaction and taste. This book is composed of 29 chapters and begins with the surveys of the physiology and morphology of the sensory receptors in certain groups of animals. The succeeding chapters describe the fundamental substrates of taste and the effect of temperature change on the response of taste. These topics are followed by discussions on the human taste nerves, taste stimulation and preference behavior, some thalamic and cortical mechanisms of taste, and the role of taste and smell in food and water regulation. The final chapters consider the basic principles of human bodya€™s thermoreceptors and the gustatory relay in the medulla. This book is of great value to researchers in the fields of olfaction and taste and related fields.THE WARIATION IN TASTE THRESHOLDS OF RUMINANTS ASSOCIATED WITH SODIUM DEPLETION F. R. BELL ... I believe that in Northern Sweden, the reindeer brought down to coastal regions appear to relish long draughts of seawater.

Title:Olfaction and Taste
Author:Y. Zotterman
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-09-24


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