-ologies and -isms

-ologies and -isms

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Lexicon of English words used of and about theories, concepts, doctrines, systems, attitudes, practices, states of mind, and branches of science. Focuses on words containing the suffixes -ology, -ism, -ics, -graphy, -metry, -archy, -cide, -philia, -phobia, -mancy, -latry, et al., including derivative forms of these words.Biology, the science of heredity, studying resemblances and differences in related organisms and the mechanisms which explain ... of traits is caused by every cella#39;s throwing off particles called gemmules, which are the basic units of hereditary transmission ... of the original molecule. ribonucleic acid (UNA) a nucleic acid found in cells that transmits genetic instructions from the nucleus to the cytoplasm.

Title:-ologies and -isms
Author:Laurence Urdang, Anne Ryle, Tanya H. Lee
Publisher:Gale / Cengage Learning - 1986


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