O.m.a. Obsessive Mental Attitude

O.m.a. Obsessive Mental Attitude

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O.M.A. Obsessive Mental Attitude is the Ultimate Book on Mental Attitude. Positive Mental Attitude doesn't work, if it did, why can't you stay positive after reading 100's of books and stories on being positive. Only when you have an Obsession will you have a mental attitude that Can Not Be Changed and Will Not Accept Failure.Leta#39;s suppose I wrote a book on auto repair, and at the end of the book I suggested 85 other books for you to read about auto repair. If, after reading these 85 other books, you could not remember anything about fixing a car for more than 5anbsp;...

Title:O.m.a. Obsessive Mental Attitude
Author:Ted Gambordella
Publisher:Dr. Ted Gambordella - 1998-02-02


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