On 21 the Philosophy of Blackjack

On 21 the Philosophy of Blackjack

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The casinos want you to lose money. In fact, the minute you step into their facility, they are betting on it. So what does it take to walk into a casino and walk out a winner? On 21: The Philosophy of Blackjack gives you the tools to sit down at a blackjack table and beat the casino at their own game. Author and blackjack expert Andrew Marx outlines the critical steps it takes to be a winner. A blackjack player combines knowledge of the game, proven strategy, timing and practice to put him at the top of his game. The book includes step by step instructions on how to play blackjack and teaches tried and true strategies to decrease the house advantage. But more than just know-how and strategy, On 21: The Philosophy of Blackjack also asks what is the right attitude for winning? The author discusses how to pick the right table, how to pick the right dealer, which variations on the house rules are the best advantage to the player. He talks how the mental discipline it takes to play the game well, and what to do when the cards aren't running in your favor. With helpful lessons spread throughout the book, full color visual aids and a detailed chapter index, On 21: The Philosophy of Blackjack not only gives you a solid understanding of the game, but talks meaningfully about the mental attitude you need to think like a winner. Perfect for beginners and intermediate players, the book also lays out the steps to take to move towards professional gambling. Written by a veteran blackjack player who lived in Las Vegas for over ten years and has traveled to many casinos in other cities, all of the information included here is laid out in easy-to-understand language with supporting visual images.A Practical and Philosophical Guide to Playing Blackjack and Winning in Casinos Andrew Marx Jeremy Goodman ... 10s, Js, Qs and Ks all have a value often in the deck. ... Based on this simplified approach, with a 7, 8, 9 and 10 showing the dealer will make a hand of 17, 18, 19, 20 respectively (remember, we assume the anbsp;...

Title:On 21 the Philosophy of Blackjack
Author:Andrew Marx
Publisher:Ayrx Publications - 2010-06


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