On Perl

On Perl

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The book has an introductory chapter that gets the reader started quickly with programming in Perl. The initial part of the book discusses Perl expressions, statements, control flow, built-in data types such as arrays and hashes, and complex data structures built using references. On Perl has several chapters covering specialized topics. The chapter on socket-based network programming deals with forking and using fork to write complex interactive client-server programs. There is a chapter with in-depth discussion of CGI programming including error-handling and security issues that arise. The chapter on web-client programming deals with writing programs that access Web pages, fill up GET and POST forms, handle cookies and redirected Web pages. The book has several unique chapters not found in any other book on Perl in the market. The chapter on security discusses hashes such as MD5, message authentication codes (MACs), digital signature schemes, and encryption techniques such as DES, Rijndael, and RSA. Other chapters deal with writing recursive programs that work with files and directories; this chapter also discusses predefined modules that deal with portability in file names and paths across operating systems, recursive traversal of file hierarchies and tarring and untarring of filles. The chapter on functional programming illustrates that Perl functions are first-class, can be used to write closures and can be composed to form more complex functions. In particular, this can be useful for programming in artificial intelligence.It calls the recursive subroutine printdirR for each element of the list AcFDToPrint by mapping the function call on the list. The statement that maps ... The first argument to printdirR is used to print the names of files and directories in a nicely indented manner. The subroutine printdirR ... to the recursive calls. If $f irst is a directory, we need to traverse this directory recursively and print the files and directoriesanbsp;...

Title:On Perl
Author:Jugal Kalita
Publisher:Universal-Publishers - 2003-12


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