On the nature and passage of time and 4-D geometry

On the nature and passage of time and 4-D geometry

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PAPERBACK: In his 10th book on post-relativity philosophy of time, the Ghanaian philosopher argues that all the theories we read about time are useful only for constructing clocks to accord accurately with the earth's regular motions and astronomical features. The many bemusing technical terms employed (like duration between events, sidereal time, solar time, nutation, equinox, earth's rotation, the precession of the equinoxes etc.), were all invented to account for fixed, general and absolute time, running all through the cosmos and the same everywhere. This view of time, however, was abolished by Einstein. He adds that everything we have ever used to reckon time (including atomic time) amounts to mere physical cycles, pulses or oscillations that we count as the units of time---the years, for instance---but they are passing. He has also uncovered Einstein's undoubted snub to 4-D geometry.So, in the end, we have to accept that there is something called a#39;timea#39; but it turns out to be only how it is passing through nature, and never what it is in physical reality a€”which is something nobody can ever know. The belief that gravity affects anbsp;...

Title:On the nature and passage of time and 4-D geometry
Author:Samuel K.K. Blankson
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2013-12-07


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