On the Road to Christ

On the Road to Christ

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Author Maxine P. Stansbury crafts three unique stories to inspire and encourage readers on their own life journey. And to know whatever you face along the way you are never alone. God is near. Sharing: Pricilla's life is turned upside down. Betrayed by friends, depressed, angry, and confused, she leaves Minneapolis and her aunt's public relations company. In Fletcher County, Pricilla meets Miriam and Dorcas. Does her life change for better or worse? Flight 737: How does God get your attention? Curious? Then join Frank, a freelance writer, the group of friends, and Brad, a stranger. Their paths cross in a most unusual way waiting for connecting Flight 737. Is it a coincidence? Or, as Frank is drawn to them, is there more to it than meets the eye? You be the judge! Broken Pieces: No one wants to admit to mistakes or a lapse in judgment. If something is broken, can it be fixed, and where do you begin? It begins with trust in God. He will take you in a way of self-examination that does not condemn you. He will love you through every broken piece in your life. So you can know Him and that He keeps His word.a€œDan, sorry to say the fever hit me, too. Ia#39;ve been sketching suits ... a€œNo, wea#39;re going to wait, but it will be in May at my grandparentsa#39; house a Hawaiian garden wedding, a€ I say. Dan says, a€œWe havena#39;t ... Congratulations! You two, I would like toanbsp;...

Title:On the Road to Christ
Author:Maxine P. Stansbury
Publisher:Tate Publishing - 2008-12


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