Once and Future Canadian Democracy

Once and Future Canadian Democracy

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To revitalize politics we need to abandon the idea that ideologies evolve from qrightq to qleftq, from conservatism to socialism, and look at our political differences in terms of the distinction, more familiar in the arts, between classicism and romanticism. She argues that by abandoning our current modes of debate and rediscovering the Enlightenment liberalism that is an enduring part of our political tradition we will help to recreate Canada as a place of debate on fundamentals, not one in which a monolithic definition of identity answers all questions in advance.It may sound far-fetched to compare the program of constitutional reform in the Charlottetown accord to the French Declaration of the Rights of Man and ... But, yes, I think that in a small way, in a modest Canadian way, the breeze from a better world was blowing in 1992. ... After 1982, Canadians milled around the communal hive trying to repair the damage done by Trudeaua#39;s callous treatment of Quebec.

Title:Once and Future Canadian Democracy
Author:Janet Ajzenstat
Publisher:McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP - 2003-10-16


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