Once Upon A Nightmare

Once Upon A Nightmare

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qWhy am I dreaming this dream over and over, said Johnny. Haven't I always been a good boy.qJohnny didn't like living in his father's castle because of the horrid past of torture chambers that claimed so many of the townspeople. The Wellington's who lived for hundreds of years in the castle before Johnny were a very greedy Royal family who liked to throw big Ballroom parties especially masquerade parties. Sir Jonathan Wellington the owner of the castle would make sure everyone at the party had plenty to drink and a good time such as dancing and loud music to cover up the screams down in his chamber of horrors, because he didn't want anyone at the party to suspect a thing. Sir Jonathan Wellington was very proud of his torture chamber and liked to brag about it to his guests at the party. Sir Jonathan would carefully pick out who he wanted to show his torture chamber to. Usually, loners were not much fun to be around. Sir Jonathan would put a mild sedative in their drink just before he would lead them down to the chamber never to return again. Sir Jonathan's chamber of horrors went on for many years until Sir Jonathan got a little sloppy with his choices of his victims. When the two victims that were led down to the chamber of horrors, pretended to drink their drinks, over powered Sir Jonathan and put him on one of his own torture devices, a€ The Rackq stretched Sir Jonathan's body till it was completely torn apart. Nobody knows how many victims there were, but there were enough to make Sir Jonathan a serial killer in those days even though this term wasn't used back in those days. Sir Jonathan's chamber of horrors could be the reason for all of the haunting surrounding the Castle Wellington. Johnny's father would tell him bedtime stories about the castle which would cause him to have nightmares, but for some reason Johnny would only have one dream and that would be being buried alive in the garden.aquot;Why am I dreaming this dream over and over, said Johnny.

Title:Once Upon A Nightmare
Author:Drac Von Stoller
Publisher:Drac Von Stoller - 2011-12-14


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