Once Upon a Universe

Once Upon a Universe

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First Snow White encounters one of the Little People, then one of the Even Smaller People, and finally one of the Truly Infinitesimal People. And no matter how diligently she searches, the only dwarves she can find are collapsed stars! Clearly, she's not at home in her well-known Brothers Grimm fairy tale, but instead in a strange new landscape that features quantum behavior, the wavelike properties of particles, and the Uncertainty Principle. She (and we) must have entered, in short, one of the worlds created by Robert Gilmore, physicist and fabulist.a€œA star, such as the Sun, is a massive object and it would be certain to collapse under gravity save that this very collapse produces heat that in turn ... When nuclear reactions die out, the radiation that is holding up the gas envelope will fail and the star will collapse in on itself. ... a€œSo what does stop it from collapsing forever?

Title:Once Upon a Universe
Author:Robert Gilmore
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2013-06-29


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