One Day in the Life of the English Language

One Day in the Life of the English Language

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Generations of student writers have been subjected to usage handbooks that proclaim, a€œThis is the correct form. Learn ita€a€”books that lay out a grammar, but dona€™t inspire students to use it. By contrast, this antihandbook handbook, presenting some three hundred sentences drawn from the printed works of a single, typical day in the life of the languagea€”December 29, 2008a€”tries to persuade readers that good grammar and usage matter. Using real-world sentences rather than invented ones, One Day in the Life of the English Language gives students the motivation to apply grammatical principles correctly and efficiently. Frank Cioffi argues that proper form undergirds effective communication and ultimately even makes society work more smoothly, while nonstandard English often marginalizes or stigmatizes a writer. He emphasizes the evolving nature of English usage and debunks some cherished but flawed grammar precepts. Is it acceptable to end a sentence with a preposition? It is. Can you start a sentence with a conjunction? You can. OK to split an infinitive? No problem. A grammar and usage handbook like no other, One Day in the Life of the English Language features accessible chapters divided into a€œFundamentals, a€ a€œFine Tuning, a€ and a€œDeep Focus, a€ allowing readers to select a level most suited to their needs. It also includes a glossary, a teachersa€™ guide, and a section refuting some myths about digital-age English.Here are two correct examples: I read elsewhere that the Ford Fusion hybrid will run only on its electric motor at ... You infer that you can run all day at less than 47 mph without the engine coming on. ... 13, Treasurya#39;s Paulson told NPR that he believed the banking system had been a€œstabilized, a€ and he implied that there was no major institution likely to present a problem that would shock regulators. (a€œ 2008 Memoriesa€) lay/lie/lie I present the principal parts of these three verbs below .

Title:One Day in the Life of the English Language
Author:Frank L. Cioffi
Publisher:Princeton University Press - 2015-03-01


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