One Day Someday

One Day Someday

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Can one day change your life? For Lu Fisher, ex-french teacher and fraught single mother, one day is pretty much like another: typing, translating, making endless cups of coffeea€boh, and daydreaming about finally giving up her dull temp job and going back to college and her first love, studying art. Nights, however, are quite a different matter. Particularly those that involve the delectable Stefan, who tutors the local evening class on impressionist painters, and who is making a serious impression on Lu. But one day is about to change her life. The day on which her irascible boss, Joe Delaney, breaks his arm in an accident and writes off her car. Hea€™s sorry, of course, and yes, hea€™ll get her a new one, but in the meantime she needs transport and he needs a chauffeur. Simple, he says. She can drive his car instead. No matter that his Jaguar costs more than her house. Or, indeed, that Lu knows hea€™ll drive her up the wall.. One Day, Someday is a clever, funny novel about that time in a womana€™s life when dreams begin fading and princes a€“ handsome or otherwise a€“ are getting thin on the ground. Lua€™s always rather hoped that hers would show up someday a€“ trouble is, that someday has been so long in coming, shea€™s not altogether sure shea€™d even spot him if he dida€b a€˜An absolute joy to reada€˜ a€“ Jill Mansell a€˜A sassy comedy of romantic errorsa€˜ a€“ Cosmopolitan magazine 'Chirpy, readable and very inspiring' -- Woman's Own... quite, but it has bronze plug sockets and bronze door plates and deep skirtingboards and ceiling roses everywhere. ... It hasa square central hall with a big chandelier init, a wideturning staircaseand dozens of doors. ... It hangs above the stonefireplace, elegantly framed, andwith alittle brasshooded striplight fixed above it.

Title:One Day Someday
Author:Lynne Barrett-Lee
Publisher:Lynne Barrett-Lee - 2014-05-05


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