One FBI Agent, Two Lovers, And The Alien

One FBI Agent, Two Lovers, And The Alien

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The Mozart Killer -- When FBI agent Lili Foxworthy is assigned the task of seeking out a serial killer in Santa Barbara, California, and on an undercover job at brilliant composer and vineyard owner Lothar von Rabenhorst's mansion; she is immediately drawn to the charismatic German, and an affair of a lifetime begins. Naked Shakespeare -- FBI agent Lili Foxworthy decided to remain in Santa Barbara after the love of her life went away. She summoned courage and attended a performance at the theatre where he used to conduct his brilliant music, and it's there that she meets a Shakespearean actor, a ghostly mystery, and for the second time in her life, enters into a passionate and irreversible love affair. The Bone Picker: When FBI agent Lil Foxworthy, and her actor husband Peter von Rabenhorst, visited a local antique shop, little did they know how the strange owner of the place would take them to the brink of death. Apocalypse: When FBI agent Lili Foxworthy took a trip with her charismatic husband, actor Peter von Rabenhorst, down to the Yucatan peninsula; all she wanted to do was relax with Peter and help him with the research he needed for an upcoming play, End Game. What she got instead was an introduction to one of their ancestors, a few immortal Mayan gods, and Mayan priests who were reenacting an appearance by the great Mayan god Q, for the hordes of tourists who were arriving to witness the end times; as some said was predicted by the Mayan calendar to happen at the end of 2012. A Bloody Good Vampire: Actor Peter von Rabenhorst takes his wife, FBI agent Lili Foxworthy, to England where hea€™s to teach a master class at The Royal Shakespeare Company. Unfortunately, and unknown to the couple, the cottage they rent for their stay has some very bad associations along with it. In addition, one of the board members at the theatre is not who he seems. Fried: FBI agent Lili Foxworthy and her husband, Peter von Rabenhorst, decide to visit Petera€™s homeland of Germany for a bit of RaR, because ita€™s been a rough few months. Unfortunately, it gets a lot rougher when they are drawn into a case of exploding people, by a charismatic Interpol agent, Dieter Wolf. Ancestors, is an ultra sexy and exotic romantic thriller set in the paradise of Santa Barbara. It involves FBI agent Lili Foxworthy and her husband, renowned actor Peter von Rabenhorst. A few old friends and relatives show up when Peter reenacts his stunning hit play, End Game: The Mayan Prophesy; including immortals, folks who like to play a lot of mind games, some enemies thought to be long dead, and a few long lost relatives. Everyone seems to be fighting for Petera€™s mind and body, and his wife Lili is beginning to realize that her almost perfect world is about to break apart, as she attempts to forge a new relationship with her FBI partner, Tim. Phoenix: Even in their hometown of Santa Barbara, California, FBI agent Lili Foxworthy and her husband Peter von Rabenhorst, are unable to catch a break from their eventful lives. Ita€™s a real battle between good and evil, those who are not as they seem, mistaken identities, lost lovers, and the power of immortals with long standing grudges.a€œIt makes an a#39;ass out of you and me. Get it? Ass - u ... When I arrived in Santa Barbara a year ago, this theatre was up for sale. I knew that I would be making some sort of real estate investment in the area, because its what I do, a hobby of sorts, to turn properties over for profit. ... However, seriously, I guess it can get to be a little too much work some of the time but thank goodnessa€”I have a great staff.

Title:One FBI Agent, Two Lovers, And The Alien
Author:Susan Hart
Publisher:Susan Hart - 2015-03-08


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