One Good Dish

One Good Dish

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In this, his first non-menu cookbook, the New York Times food columnist offers 100 utterly delicious recipes that epitomize comfort food, Tanis-style. Individually or in combination, they make perfect little meals that are elemental and accessible, yettotally surprisinga€”and therea€™s something to learn on every page. Among the chapter titles therea€™s a€œBread Makes a Meal, a€ which includes such alluring recipes as a ham and GruyAure bread pudding, spaghetti and bread crumbs, breaded eggplant cutlets, and Davida€™s version of egg-in-a-hole. A chapter called a€œMy Kind of Snacka€ includes quail eggs with flavored salt; speckled sushi rice with toasted nori; polenta pizza with crumbled sage; raw beet tartare; and mackerel rillettes. The recipes in a€œVegetables to Envya€ range from a South Indian dish of cabbage with black mustard seeds to French grandmothera€“style vegetables. a€œStrike While the Iron Is Hota€ is all about searing and quick cooking in a cast-iron skillet. Another chapter highlights dishes you can eat from a bowl with a spoon. And so it goes, with one irrepressible chapter after another, one perfect food moment after another: this is a book with recipes to crave.My two favorite oven-roasted nuts are Salted Almonds with Rosemarya€” utterly simple, but they taste meaty, and a bit smokya€”and Cashews ... They make a fine snack with a cold beer and are also delicious sprinkled over steamed rice. makes a small bowlful (about 11a„4 cups) ... Serve warm or at room temperature. cashews with indian spices 1a„2 teaspoon coriander seeds 1a„2 teaspoon 44one good dish.

Title:One Good Dish
Author:David Tanis
Publisher:Artisan Books - 2013-10-22


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