One Last chance at Love

One Last chance at Love

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One Last Chance at Love is a coming-of-age novel by Dion Artis. This story about family, friendship and love contains deeply emotional feelings and deals with heavy thematic elements surrounding love, drama, death, and more. This novel pushes the envelope of love and pain. It questions, is love pain and how much pain will you endure to prove your love. It challenges the quote better loved and lost, than to never love at all. What if the pain of lost love destroys you? Is it still better to had loved? What if the pain of lost love teaches you how to love better? One Last Chance at Love shows the love and compassion God has for man and the moral point to trust that God always has a plan. Ita€™s important for us to trust Him, not to understand Him. One Last Chance at Love is a spiritual romance story of Chase, an ex-college star Quarter Back that has his dream of being a first round draft pick for the NFL ripped from him when he is injured during the best game of his life. Years later, after his talent and hype has faded, he is a common man working in a manufacturing plant. Chase set his eyes on Sabrea, an independent sophisticated woman who is clearly out of his league. Nevertheless, Chase is just the change of man that Sabrea needs. Almost a year into the relationship and Chasea€™s love for Sabrea is deeper than he could ever imagine, he finds out that Sabrea has been hiding an illness from him. The relationship suffers a huge blow, but when the going gets tough Chase loves harder. Sabreaa€™s illness continues to gets worst and feels to push Chase away is the only way to protect him from the miserable life of taking care of a sick woman. But Chase is determined to prove his love for Sabrea, no matter how much hell she put him through.A classical romance story with a twist Dion Artis ... As he pressed down on the gas, the door beganto crackle and pop until the door lock busted loose and peeledthe door ... Sabrea tried to pick herself up, but didna#39;t have the strength todo it.

Title:One Last chance at Love
Author:Dion Artis
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-12-09


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