One Man's Planet

One Man's Planet

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One Man's Planet is a slightly off-centered geologist's introduction to how politics, pop-culture and the earth sciences mix it up every day in all of our lives. A humorous look at a myriad of issue that grace the news and drive political debates from local councils to international discourse. One Mana€™s Planet picks apart the rhetoric on all sides of these debates to look at how the science describes the issue, often to the nakedness of the opposing parties. Tackling topics like climate, energy, water, and hazards, Stephen Testa channels Beanie Babies, Mad Max, and Shakespeare among others to examine the latest scientific understanding of these issues. Author Stephen Testa weaves science, personalities, pop culture and politics into a very informative and entertaining tapestry on the planet today and the planet's tomorrow. Come tour the Earth with Testa as your guide!The Pet Rock came with a Pet Rock Manual, with topics like a€œHow to make your Pet Rock roll-over and play dead.a€ Of course some commands such as a€œSit, a€ a€œStay a€ or a€œQuiet, a€ were straightforward, but a trainer would be required to get one toanbsp;...

Title:One Man's Planet
Author:Stephen M. Testa
Publisher:American Geosciences Inst - 2009-01-01


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