One Weekend a Month - My Ass!

One Weekend a Month - My Ass!

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This book is written from a collection of journal entries I kept during my training in California before I went overseas to serve in Iraq, copies of letter I sent home to my two daughters and school that I taught at when activated, as well as some stories that I wrote about my experiences. There are some facts that are incorrect in this book but I kept them in because they were the truth to me at the time. The letters are mostly word for word as they were written and sent. I have included pictures that go along with my writings that help to show, as well as explain, what I experienced. I have changed or omitted the names of people to protect their privacy. I was not a hero, nor was I involved in any large fighting that took place in Iraq. I was just a fifty-three year old man, close to my twenty-year letter for retirement in the National Guard who happened to be sent to war in Iraq. I donAat pretend to be brave or have any deep meaning to my experiences. I just want to share an average story of an average soldier in Iraq. Sgt. Joseph Berlin (ret.)I would get my roll or toilet paper in my hand, and just before I stepped into the porta€”aa€”john, I would take a little part of the toilet ... When the Haggis came to clean the porta€”aa€”johns, they would drive up with an odd looking truck, with a pump and a large tank on the back. ... When the Haggis came through the camp to clean the shitters, everyone was gratefill that it was these people that did this distastefill job, and not us. ... The weather actually seems to be changing, although it still.

Title:One Weekend a Month - My Ass!
Author:Sgt. Joseph Berlin (ret.)
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2009-07-15


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