Open Source

Open Source

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From the Internet's infrastructure to operating systems like GNU/Linux, the open source movement comprises some of the greatest accomplishments in computing over the past quarter century. Its story embraces technological advances, unprecedented global collaboration, and remarkable tools for facilitating distributed development. The evolution of the Internet enabled an enormous expansion of open development, allowing developers to exchange information and ideas without regard to constraints of space, time, or national boundary. The movement has had widespread impact on education and government, as well as historic cultural and commercial repercussions. Part I discusses key open source applications, platforms, and technologies used in open development. Part II explores social issues ranging from demographics and psychology to legal and economic matters. Part III discusses the Free Software Foundation, open source in the public sector (government and education), and future prospects.When you dona#39;t have the money to buy SCO Unix and you can download something that works and even find people who can help ... Andrei Zmievski is currently listed as the PHP project administrator and owner on and the principal developer of PHP since 1999. ... Computer scientists Zeev Suraski and Andi Gutmans became involved with PHP in mid-1997 as part of a Web programminganbsp;...

Title:Open Source
Author:Fadi P. Deek, James A. M. McHugh
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2007-11-05


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