Operation Mom

Operation Mom

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A teenager's quest to find the perfect partner for her mum When you try to set your mom's life right, be prepared to have your own life turned upside down Seventeen-year-old Ila Isham has a lot to worry about. There's the angst of being an Ali Zafar groupie, for one. Then there are the extra layers of fat she has inherited from her part-Punjabi lineage. Add to this parents who have separated; an enthusiastic best friend, Deepali, whose idea of variety means dating three guys at the same time; and Aunty Maleeka, her mom's best friend, whose good intentions and savvy skills throw up more problems than solutions, and Ila's cup of woes runneth over. Her life takes an exciting turn when she decides to hunt for the perfect partner for her mother. With a little help from Deepali, Aunty Maleeka and Dev of the inviting chocolate-pool eyes, Ila will have to brave it all - from Shaadi.com and OKCupid profiles to handlebar-moustache colonels and middle-aged psychos - if she wants to succeed in her quest.But what I dona#39;t know is whether Pops actually got upset about it or whether Mom actually got upset that he didna#39;t get ... Didna#39;t she get that her general demeanour would make Dev, or anyone, frankly, question the company I choose to keep?

Title:Operation Mom
Author:Reenita Malhotra Hora
Publisher:HarperCollins Publishers India - 2014-01-23


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