OPFOR SMARTbook 3 – Red Team Army

OPFOR SMARTbook 3 – Red Team Army

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In todaya€™s complicated and uncertain world, it is impossible to predict the exact nature of future conflict that might involve U.S. forces. This is the nature of the contemporary operational environment (COE), and training for such an environment requires a different type of Opposing Force (OPFOR) than that of the past. It has been nearly thirty years since a holistic explanation of the Soviet-based Opposing Force (OPFOR) was examined in the U.S. Army Field Manual 100-2 series. Recognizing this, a€œOPFOR SMARTbook 3: Red Team Armya€ re-examines and outlines the doctrinal operational construct and historical foundations of Soviet-era military forces from the FM 100-2 series, which is now out-of-print and largely unavailable. Second, OPFOR SMARTbook 3 reorganizes that foundational material and aligns it in keeping with contemporary military doctrinal taxonomy to include ADRP 3-0 Unified Land Operations and ADRP 3-90 Offense and Defense (Tactics). Third, OPFOR SMARTbook 3 translates and bridges the strategic- and operational-level doctrine into tactical application at the small-unit level. Through this triangulation, a more modern rendition of Red Team Armies emerges. OPFOR SMARTbook 3: Red Team Army (Forces, Operations a Tactics) is the first of three upcoming Opposing Forces (OPFOR) SMARTbooks, the first book in our upcoming a€œNational Powera€ series (D-I-M-E is our DOMAIN!) of in-depth specialty-titles, and ita€™s also our first FULL-COLOR edition!The various transportation services under MOD are traffic management, railroad operations, railroad maintenance and construction, highway ... Service for these items is provided by fixed and mobile repair facilities that extend repair capabilities forward into the battle area. ... The repair workshop contains a shop truck and four mechanics who make routine repairs on tracked and wheeled vehicles.

Title:OPFOR SMARTbook 3 – Red Team Army
Author:Norman M. Wade, Dr. Christopher E. Larsen
Publisher:The Lightning Press - 2014-10-01


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