Optimization in computer engineering – Theory and applications

Optimization in computer engineering – Theory and applications

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The aim of this book is to provide an overview of classic as well as new research results on optimization problems and algorithms. Beside the theoretical basis, the book contains a number of chapters describing the application of the theory in practice, that is, reports on successfully solving real-world engineering challenges by means of optimization algorithms. These case studies are collected from a wide range of application domains within computer engineering. The diversity of the presented approaches offers a number of practical tips and insights into the practical application of optimization algorithms, highlighting real-world challenges and solutions. Researchers, practitioners and graduate students will find the book equally useful.Conclusion This chapter introduced some of the most widely studied algorithmic problems, with special emphasis on graph algorithms and different ... L. R. Ford and D. R. Fulkerson. ... Computing edge-connectivity in multigraphs and capacitated graphs. ... Technical report, Royal Holloway, University of London, 1997.

Title:Optimization in computer engineering – Theory and applications
Author:Zoltán Ádám Mann
Publisher:Scientific Research Publishing, Inc. USA - 2011-11-15


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