Option Trader's Playbook

Option Trader's Playbook

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This easy-to-understand guide will serve as a reference manual for option traders in today's commodity markets. Whether you're an experienced investor looking for a new opportunity or just a beginner looking to increase knowledge, the Option Trader's Playbook is a must have. Why are options markets becoming so popular with investors? There are two reasons for option popularity: the potential for unlimited profits with limited risk. In fact, the risk in a long option is limited to the amount of the original investment plus commissions. In other words, you can't lose more than the amount you paid for the option. The downside to the rise in option trading is the flood of so-called option strategy books. Most of these books include strategies that are so complicated, even some brokers can't understand them. Though it is true that education in investment strategies is essential in order to reduce risk and increase profit, our philosophy is the simpler the better.Simply put, people will pay more for an option if the underlying futures is moving around more. In the summer, the grains can fly around, with beans up 15 cents the same day that wheat is down 8 cents. In January, the days are few that either anbsp;...

Title:Option Trader's Playbook
Author:Joseph Kellogg
Publisher:Traders Network, Inc. - 2000


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