Optioneering - Make $1000's in Extra Income Every Month

Optioneering - Make $1000's in Extra Income Every Month

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What is the Optioneering Strategy The Optioneering Strategy is an options trading strategy that was developed and perfected over the past 4 1/2 years. The options strategy finds its roots in market statistics and is designed to minimize risk. The fundamental difference between the Optioneering strategy and any other stock or options trading strategy available today is that the Optioneering Strategy is a qReactive Strategyq. Practically all stock picking and option trading strategies (books and websites) are focused on helping investors more accurately qpredictq the direction of a stock or the underlying market. With the Optioneering Strategy you don't need to predict which way the market is going to go you just need to react to it. Trying to predict what a stock or the stock market will do tomorrow, next week or next hour is impossible for the average investor. The number of inputs that move the markets on a day to day, hour by hour, minute by minute time frame are impossible to comprehend. Earnings, politics, economic data, geopolitical news, weather, terrorism, commodities, interest rates, the Fed, etc all move the markets. How can anyone possibly predict where the market will go next week, next month or next year with all these variables? Well some people out there claim they can. The spectrum is broad form charlatans who operate websites making ridiculous claims to professional financial advisers. Lets reflect on this for a moment. If you am ill, you see your doctor, you expect with a high degree of confidence that he/she will come to a diagnosis that is accurate and prescribe the necessary medication to see that you get better. How can a financial adviser qdiagnoseq the markets, a disease with constantly changing symptoms. They may claim they can but I would bet statistically they are no better than flipping a coin. Safety First A key objective of the Optioneering Strategy is to minimize risk. A strategy whereby if a loss were to occur it would not wipe out months of profit or wipe us out completely like so many other option strategies. The basic strategy is founded on establishing setup positions each month that generate a profit consistently. The setups involve a combination of debit calendar spreads and reverse credit calendar spreads. There are 7 basic rules, 4 on setup and 3 for closing. If you follow the rules losses will remain small and profits will be maximized. A lot of other books on option strategies will tell you how the strategies work but they won't tell you how to consistently generate profits by applying them. They still require you to correctly qbetq on market direction. Applying standard option trading strategies in a predictive manner is no better than flipping a coin and runs the risk of generating large losses. Minimal Capital I started with $20, 000, but one could easily get started with as little as $5000 to $10, 000. The Optioneering Strategy is structured to minimized risk and margin. It is a brilliantly leveraged, yet a well hedged strategy that generates a profit 84% of the time. Over 4 1/2 years I grew $20, 000 to over $200, 000. During that period I placed 44 trade set ups of which 37 generated a profit and 7 resulted in a loss. The average or 37 monthly profits was $5, 350 and the average of 7 monthly losses was $1950. Minimal Time Invested Other than making money saving time is the second best part of the strategy. Most days I spend 1 to 2 minutes a day just checking the market. Really just keeping an eye on it in the event I need to qreactq to the market action. On my setup days it takes me about 10 minutes to get my order in and set. That's it! Minimal time invested. I don't need to know the news that drives the market and I don't really care. I only need to react to the market if it moves to prescribed limits we establish with each setup trade. qGetting time back is the best part of the Optioneering Strategy. I can focus on work and spend more time with my familyq Less Stress and Anxiety With the Optioneering Strategy you place the exact same type of trades every month at the same time, regardless of what the market has done or is doing. There are a total of 7 rules to follow and they guide you on setting up the trade and exiting the trade. Investment stress and anxiety are rooted in trying to decide if you should buy, sell or hold your positions. With the Optioneering Strategy there is none of that as you have certainly in what to do when entering and exiting every trade. Getting Started Whether you are familiar with options or not the Optioneering Strategy is written with the novice in mind. Not only will it inform you of what you need to know but walks you through every trade placed over the past 4 1/2 years. Every trade contains a chart, historic options chain data and commentary on every trade. The Optioneering Strategy allows you to take control of your financial future. That's what I did and I'm now sharing this experience with you.So I went back to what I knew best and began exploring ways I could leverage investments in the stock market with as little risk as possible and make positive, ... This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. ... If you follow the rules you will make money.

Title:Optioneering - Make $1000's in Extra Income Every Month
Author:Optioneering Ltd.
Publisher:Optioneering Ltd. - 2015-03-30


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