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Optoelectronics Aca‚na€œ the study of optics and electronics - affects our everyday lives from the basic use of computers and home entertainment systems to the complex areas of medical science and telecommunications. This introductory-level lab manual introduces the basic concepts of optoelectronics and can be used in any courses dealing with applied physics, fiber optics, or electronic devices. Beginning with a review of topics, such as light characteristics, optical switches, light emitters and detectors, users then develop their own optoelectronics circuits that will be used in conducting experiments.4. Successfully build and understand 5V and 12V regulated power supplies. 5. Successfully build and understand an LM317 adjustable regulated power supply. a€ca€ca€ca€ca€ca€ca€ca€cKJH Eillllll IIIIIILKilllll Alll 1.1 Transformers Figure 1-1A illustrates a simpleanbsp;...

Author:Gary Cardinale
Publisher:Cengage Learning - 2003-06-01


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