Oracle SQL Recipes

Oracle SQL Recipes

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Have you ever been faced with a new type of query to write, or been asked to create an unfamiliar database object? In such situations, you have probably wanted a good, solid example upon which to build, and instead have been forced into the drudgery of parsing railroad-style syntax diagrams in Oracle's manual set. This book frees you from that drudgery by providing tested and working examples of SQL used to solve common problems faced by developers and database administrators on a daily basis. When you're under pressure to get results fast, Oracle SQL Recipes is there at your side. Example-based, providing quality solutions to everyday problems Respects your time by putting solutions first and keeping discussions short Solves the most commonly encountered SQL problems What youa€™ll learn Recognize common query patterns and apply their corresponding solutions. Solve common reporting problems such as sorting rows into buckets. Troubleshoot SQL performance problems. Create and manage database objects such as tables, indexes, and views. Work with XML and tree-structured data. Take advantage of analytic functions, regular expressions, hierarchical query support, and other powerful aspects of Oracle SQL. Who this book is for Oracle SQL Recipes is written for developers and database administrators who write SQL to run against an Oracle database. It is further written for those whose time is precious, and who just wish for a good example to help them get on with their work. If you want to spend your time writing SQL rather than reading about it, then this is the right book for you. Table of Contents The Basics Summarizing and Aggregating Data Querying from Multiple Tables Creating and Deriving Data Common Query Patterns Working with Date and Time Values Strings Working with Numbers Managing Transactions Data Dictionary Common Reporting Problems Cleansing Data Tree-Structured Data Working with XML Data Partitioning LOBs Database Administration Object Management SQL Monitoring and Tuning Database TroubleshootingTable 10-2. Integrity Constraints Constraint Code Meaning Hash expression P U R V O H F Constraint with a REF ... 10-8. Showing Primary Key and Foreign Key Relationships Problem You. C Check for a condition Primary key Unique key anbsp;...

Title:Oracle SQL Recipes
Author:Grant Allen, Bob Bryla, Darl Kuhn
Publisher:Apress - 2009-11-18


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