Organisational BehaviourVo. 1

Organisational BehaviourVo. 1

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Organisational Behaviour Is The Study Of Human Behaviour, Individual Differences, And Performances In Organisational Settings. The Field Of Organisational Behaviour Involves The Individual Behaviour And The Factors Which Affect Such Behaviour, Group Behaviour And Group Dynamics Relative To Individuals Within The Group And The Group Interface With The Organisation And The Structure Of Organisation Itself. Organisational Behaviour Prompted Us To Expand The Management Horizons And Approach The Subject From Various Angles And Various Viewpoints In Depth And In An Exhaustive Manner. The Book Introduces The Students To The Concepts Of Organisation, Organisational Behaviours And How The Managers Fit In Such Organisational Environment. It Also Describes Various Interdisciplinary Forces That Affect The Complexity Of Human Behaviour.This Book Has Been Prepared To Cover Extensively Various Facets Both Micro As Well As Macro Of The Field Of Organisational Behaviour. The Language Of Presentation Is Highly Communicative So That It Becomes Interesting And Comprehensive. This Book Describes The Introductory Approaches To Organisational Behaviour, Various Theories, Structure And Design, Motivation, Morale, Leadership Theories, Interpersonal Communication, Personality, Learning, Perception, Stress, Power And Authority, Organisational Change, Organisational Development And Conflicts a Negotiations. At The End Of Each Chapter, Review Questions And References Have Been Given For The Students For Better Understanding Of The Subject And To Facilitate Quick Revision For Examination Purposes. Sufficient Number Of Diagrams And Comparative Tables And Appendices Have Been Provided Throughout The Book For An Easy Appreciation Of Typical Business Concepts. Accordingly, This Book Is Much More Comprehensive In Its Elaboration Of Introduction As Well As Concepts Of Organisational Behaviour. The Book Has Been Specially Designed For M.B.A. And Other Professional Courses.Accordingly inconsistencies in the trait theory of leadership give rise to a logical criticism against its validity. According to behaviour theory, leadership is shown by a persona#39;s acts more than by his traits. The leadership effectiveness isanbsp;...

Title:Organisational BehaviourVo. 1
Author:N.K. Jain
Publisher:Atlantic Publishers & Dist - 2005-01-01


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