Organisational Resilience

Organisational Resilience

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An eternal dilemma for all organizations, and one that a considerable portion of management schools are set up to address, is how to become and stay competitive. Organisational Resilience: Concepts, Integration, and Practice brings together, for the first time, key works that describe the scope and nature of resilience and provides direction to take the field forwards. A response not only to rapidly growing interest in this field, but to the increased importance placed on it, the book presents a broad introduction to research, knowledge, and practice. The book captures the diversity and depth of current thinking about research on organizational-related resilience. The book explains fundamental concepts and clarifies some underlying ideas from diverse fields of resilience-related research. It examines how some of these concepts and ideas have been integrated into specific research activity and used to further develop their respective fields of enquiry. The connecting of concepts and ideas to existing readily helps to progress the development of theory. The book then focuses on aspects of real World practice and experience. However, the central theme about resilience as a concept is that it is not merely concerned with survival pure and simple, but that this survival involves transformation more often than not. Examining resilience at the organizational level, this book clarifies the commonality of concepts and practice that exists among disparate research disciplines and establishes a singular a€˜go-toa€™ work that can be used to develop operational and strategic practices.Emergency scenario user perspective in public safety communications systems. ... Proceedings of the 4th Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management Conference ISCRAM2007, Delft, the Netherlands, Brussels University Press, pp. 271a€“279. ... Fire Service Manual. ... Trent RDSU Focus Group: Leicester, UK.

Title:Organisational Resilience
Author:Ran Bhamra
Publisher:CRC Press - 2015-10-14


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