Organizational Behavior 6

Organizational Behavior 6

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This is the first and only book dealing with how the new psychological research on the unconscious applies to foundational theories of organizational behavior. It covers both micro and macro organizational theories, and seeks to show how these theories would benefit from more consideration of unconscious activations. An introductory chapter addresses historical matters, evaluative dimensions, and opposing views with regard to the new unconscious research. Part I then takes up various theories of motivation, and how each does or might incorporate unconscious processes. Part II is concerned with theories of leadership, and applies a similar approach to unearthing unconscious considerations. Part III moves to organizational decision making, again stressing how unconscious activations may operate with theories of this type. This perspective is continued in Part IV on systems concepts and organization, in Part V on bureaucracy-related concepts, and in Part VI dealing with sociological concepts of organizations. The final chapter demonstrates how organizational behavior as a whole has been biased towards conscious theories, and against an unconscious perspective. The book includes many direct quotes from key research documents and citations from numerous meta-analytic studies. Each chapter begins with a handy outline of key chapter topics, and the book includes exceptionally complete and current references.Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Miner, John B. organizational behavior 1. essential theories of motivation and leadership organizational behavior 2. essential theories of process and structure organizational behavior 3.

Title:Organizational Behavior 6
Author:John B. Miner
Publisher:M.E. Sharpe - 2011


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