Organize Your Life

Organize Your Life

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NEW FROM THE BESTSELLING AUTHORS OF ORGANIZE YOURSELF! qTime is such a gift and with Organize Your Life I have found more of it! This book is never far from my kitchen table.q a€”Trish McEvoy, founder of Trish McEvoy cosmetics and author of The Power of Makeup qRonni Eisenberg and Kate Kelly have done it again! Those who seek to organize their chaotic lives stand to profit greatly.q a€”Stephanie Winston, author of Getting Organized qHow can I find time to do everything I need to do?q qHow can I make more time just for me?q If you ever ask yourself these questions, this is the book for you. Let time management and organizational expert Ronni Eisenberg show you how to make time for what's important to you! You'll discover eight simple steps to regain control of your life, learn how to plan and prioritize to save time, and get things done. Whether you're overwhelmed by things to do (errands, phone calls, picking up, or putting away) or things you have (clothing you never wear, piles of paperwork, overflowing closets, and stuffed storage boxes), this book is filled with easy tools and tips to get organized in every area of your life. Make time around the house: Learn to control clutter and organize your storage, housework, kitchen, laundry, bills and papers, magazines, and holiday gifts and entertaining. Make time at work: Take charge of paperwork and filing, computers, e-mail, and your cell phone and create a workspace that really works. Make time for family: Set up simple systems for kids' rooms and toys, plan painless family vacations, and schedule in family fun. Make time for yourself: The speedy qGet It Done!q system of sanity savers and quick-start suggestions will help you do just about everything faster and find more time every day for exercise, hobbies, and relaxing qmini-vacationsq just for you.Soak pans with burned-on food in baking soda and a small amount of water and they will become eas- ier to clean. ... that can either look great or absolutely terrible, with water spattered on the mirror, soap scum in the tub, and mounds of towels on the floor. ... Use furniture or car wax on shower doors and ceramic wall tiles.

Title:Organize Your Life
Author:Ronni Eisenberg, Kate Kelly
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2011-01-31


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