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We all know that couple. That perfectly matched pair who never seems to be anything less than madly in love with each other. Mr. a Mrs. Doinit Right are that couple. Through their years of happy marriage, these two have found the path from being an ordinary couple - bored, resigned and stressed, to being an extraordinary one - passionate, energetic, and joyful. For years people have been asking them about their perfect relationship. In Orgasmic they have collected the wisdom of their life together in one place. From the sensual, to the romantic, to the practical, their guidance offers readers a path to staying happy and together through thick and thin. Using personal stories and theories based on their experiences, Mr. a Mrs. Doinit Right spell out their basic belief that perfect love is available to everyone. You just have to want it, find it, and respect it. In these pages, you won't find a lot of psychobabble, just real-world advice from a real-world couple who couldn't be more in love.There are many things we have explained verbally; there are other things we have actually listed on paper. We felt ... past experiences, we have discovered that he was taught in his talks with his dad to always make the girl have an orgasm.

Author:& Doinit Right
Publisher:Strategic Book Publishing - 2010-05


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