Origin of Life, Man and God in That Order

Origin of Life, Man and God in That Order

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E=MC2. Energy can be converted into mass, and mass into energy. Neither mass nor energy can be created or destroyed which is a characteristic of infinity. This is what sets the basis for this book to explore the possibility and mechanisms of the laws of nature to create life, and life to evolve into man, and man to create God. The creation of gods and the spiritual world is necessary for the human species. The arguments put forth by the religious community against these theories are analyzed and shown to be false by the use of knowledge and logic. Professor Wheeler was born in 1944 in Conneaut, Ohio. He was raised in a fundalmentalist environment. He received his B.S. degree in Biology from a Chris an college, Harding College, Searcy, Ark., 1966. He received his M.S.degree in Fisheries Biology from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois. He did his Ph, D. (A.B.D.) work at Kent State University, Kent, Ohio in Comparative Animal Physiology with minors in Cellular Biology and Molecular Gene cs. His teaching experience was as a Teaching Assistant, Southern Illinois, 1966-1968, high school Teacher, Ashtabula, Ohio, 1968-1970, Teaching Assistant, Kent State, Ohio, 1970-1972, Full me Instructor of Anatomy and Physiology, Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland Ohio, 1972-2004. His favorite pas me is golf.How does the DNA molecule determine the form and physiology of an organism? It does this with the aid ... Again in the synthesis of RNA as in the synthesis of DNA, the nitrogen bases can only pair up in a specific order. Adenine (A) can onlyanbsp;...

Title:Origin of Life, Man and God in That Order
Author:Donald A. Wheeler
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2012-06


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