Orogeny Through Time

Orogeny Through Time

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This book presents a series of review articles on nine important ancient orogens on Earth. Comparison of these mountain belts provides a wealth of information for the debate on whether there has been a change in mountain-building processes through the history of the Earth. As a precursor to these papers, the rheology of the Earth's lithosphere through time is reviewed. Theoretical analysis and insight into the behaviour of the lithosphere of other planets constrain mechanical considerations of the Earth's lithosphere. It is clear from these overviews that geodynamic concepts and modelling, and new techniques such as deep seismic profiling and geochronology are having a profound impact on orogenic studies.Jean-Pierre Burg Mary Ford. Fig. 4. Diagrams illustrating the Plio-Pleistocene kinematics of the western margin of the Central Andes in the forearc region of northern Chile. ... locally to over 2000 m (Figs 2 aamp; 4a). ... the shallow seismicity and the topographic expression of the Central Andes, shows that the Central Andes are an actively deforming mountain belt. A projection of both shallow and deep focus earthquakes on to an east-west vertical cross-section in the vicinity of 20AdS (Fig.

Title:Orogeny Through Time
Author:Jean-Pierre Burg
Publisher:Amer Assn of Petroleum Geologists - 1997-01-01


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