Osama Van Halen

Osama Van Halen

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Amazing Ayyub, an Iranian Shi'ite skinhead, and Rabeya, a burqa-wearing punk, have kidnapped Matt Damon and are holding him hostage. They demand that Hollywood depict Muslims in a positive lighta€”a€œjust one movie where we're not these two-dimensional al Qaeda stereotypes.a€ But Damon's concerned they're playing into that same terrorist paradigm, thereby furthering the neoconservative perception of Islam. Meanwhile, Ayyub embarks on a mission to rid the taqwacore scene of a Muslim pop-punk band called Shah 79. Along the way, he makes himself invisible, escapes punk-eating zombies in a mosque off the desert highway, and runs into some psychobilly jinns. Things turn existential when Ayyub finds himself face-to-face with his creatora€”no, not Allah, but the author. This riotous journey of enlightenment reads like a religious service for teenagers on Halloween. But it isn't all raucous fun; written into his own novel, the author finds he is at the mercy of his creation.... him gets your head caught up in the ropes and your ear ripped offa€”and onea#39;s Terry Gordy, power-bombing you onto thumbtacks. ... barbed-wire King of Death match; and, of course, onea#39;s the Rock, who cuffs your hands behind your back, then brains you seventeen ... Thata#39;d make a compelling dichotomy for some casual browser of Barnes aamp; Noble, I imagined: She wears that 146 a€c OSAMA VAN HALEN.

Title:Osama Van Halen
Author:Michael Knight
Publisher:Soft Skull Press - 2009-05-12


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