Otherwise Law-Abiding Citizens

Otherwise Law-Abiding Citizens

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Matthew Stolick presents a detailed social and scientific exploration of the social history of cannabis, chemical make-up of the cannabis plant, and effects of cannabis use. By offering a truly interdisciplinary look at this highly political issue, he clearly articulates the reasoning behind the categorical rejection of legal cannabis use by the United States and other nations. Approaching the discussion of cannabis use from perspectives embedded within philosophy, political science, psychology, and neurobiology, Stolick provides an even-handed account of the scientific realities and social practicalities surrounding the use of cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes. Drawing on the moral thought of Aristotle, Kant, Mill, and Christianity, the book demonstrates the amoral nature of cannabis use. Grounding discussion of cannabis use in both moral theory and scientific fact, this book gives readers a thorough understanding of the social and political issues that continue to dictate cannabis law.Rosenthal, Gieringer, and Mikuriya (in the introduction to Marijuana Medical Handbook: A Guide to Therapeutic Use) further ... self-consciousness brings anxiety, a repulsive feeling of losing control, making negative the experience of cannabisanbsp;...

Title:Otherwise Law-Abiding Citizens
Author:Matt Stolick
Publisher:Lexington Books - 2008-12-16


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