Otherworld Journeys: Accounts of Near-Death Experience in Medieval and Modern Times

Otherworld Journeys: Accounts of Near-Death Experience in Medieval and Modern Times

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Dozens of books, articles, television shows, and films relating qnear-deathq experiences have appeared in the past decade. People who have survived a close brush with death reveal their extraordinary visions and ecstatic feelings at the moment they died, describing journeys through a tunnel to a realm of light, visual reviews of their past deeds, encounters with a benevolent spirit, and permanent transformation after returning to life. Carol Zaleski's Otherworld Journeys offers the most comprehensive treatment to date of the evidence surrounding near-death experiences. The first to place researchers' findings, first-person accounts, and possible medical or psychological explanations in historical perspective, she discusses how these materials reflect the influence of contemporary culture. She demonstrates that modern near-death reports belong to a vast family of otherworld journey tales, with examples in nearly every religious heritage. She identifies universal as well as culturally specific features by comparing near-death narratives in two distinct periods of Western society: medieval Christendom and twentieth-century secular America. This comparison reveals profound similarities, such as the life-review and the transforming after-effects of the vision, as well as striking contrasts, such as the absence of hell or punishment scenes from modern accounts. Mediating between the qdebunkersq and the near-death researchers, Zaleski considers current efforts to explain near-death experience scientifically. She concludes by emphasizing the importance of the otherworld vision for understanding imaginative and religious experience in general.Inscribed on the walls within were instructions, incantations, and prayers whose aim was to guide the pharaoh into the ... The Pyramid Texts leave the impression that the road to the other world was paved only for the ruling class; the ... In response, his son SiOsire, who is the reincarnation of an ancient sage, takes him on an educational tour through the seven halls of the underworld, down to theanbsp;...

Title:Otherworld Journeys: Accounts of Near-Death Experience in Medieval and Modern Times
Author:Carol Zaleski
Publisher:Oxford Paperbacks - 1987-03-26


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