Otter Hound

Otter Hound

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Noble and dignified, if somewhat tousled, the Otterhound is no longer called upon to hunt his namesake quarry, though he now makes a reliable companion dog for an active family who knows how to keep him busy. This giant hunting scenthound is blessed with a boisterous nature, a sonorous voice and an irrepressible love of mud, traits that may not be welcome in every household. No dog as big (and messy) as the Otterhound is for everyone, and the Otterhounda€”though personable, even-tempered and friendlya€”is no exception. Author Juliette Cunliffe, a recognized authority on hound breeds the world over, paints a pleasing but realistic portrait of this majestic hound among hounds, offering sensible information about the breeda€™s training, feeding, care and maintenance. Students of the Otterhound will welcome the authora€™s concise but complete history of the breed in England as well as American breeder Elizabeth Conwaya€™s retelling of the breeda€™s history in the United States. Like all editions in Kennel Club Booksa€™ Comprehensive Ownera€™s Guide series, Otterhound discusses the breed standard, breed characteristics, puppy selection, owner requirements, healthcare and much more. Surely all admirers of this noble breed will welcome this Special Rare-Breed Edition as a cherished addition to their canine libraries.A TICKING BOMB There is nothing good about a ticka#39;s harpooning his nose into your doga#39;s skin. ... If only a few ticks are present on a dog, they can be plucked out, but it is important to remove the entire head and mouthparts, which may be deeply embedded in the ... The ingredient helps prevent the attachment of ticks to the skin and will cause those ticks already attached on the skin to detach themselves.

Title:Otter Hound
Author:Juliette Cunliffe
Publisher:i5 Publishing - 2012-09-25


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