Our Kids Eats Everything

Our Kids Eats Everything

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Is the dining table a perpetual battleground in your family? Do you worry about your childa€™s nutrition and growth, and the effects of junk-food overdose on them? Does your child, meanwhile, continue to be resolutely resistant to what you serve on the table? Whether your kid is a toddler or a teen, a finicky eater or a junk-food junkie, this enlightening guide by leading nutritionist Neelanjana Singh will help you make your child a sensible eater for life. Within these pages youa€™ll find invaluable information and smart tips on: a€c which foods your child actually needs to grow a€c shopping right, reading food labels and outsmarting junk a€c nutrition-based prevention of common childhood diseases a€c age-appropriate weekly menus, including snacks, tiffin and the brain-boosting diet. Packed with 75 easy-to-prepare recipes that kids will love and the 20/20 Action Plan, a holistic approach to eating right, Our Kid Eats Everything! is your answer to making mealtimes tussle-free, tasty and, most of all, healthy. .chutney can make great, guilt-free snacks without the worry of weight gain or dietary imbalances. ... Corn on the cob spiked with lemon, chaat masala or Italian herbs adds to its appeal. ... Currently, trendy popcorn versions (strawberry jam popcorn, chocolate crackle popcorn, salted caramel popcorn and so on) are in vogue.

Title:Our Kids Eats Everything
Author:Neelanjana Singh
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2015-03-20


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