Our Love Matters

Our Love Matters

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Our Love Matters: Find it, Fix it or Let it Go! by Nicki J. Monti is the ultimate self-help, self-realization and relationship management book available today. Dr. Nicki; as she is most commonly referred to; from her TV show appearances, articles, podcasts, and live appearances takes the reader to new levels as their guide on relationships and love. Our Love Matters is much more than a self-help book or a book about Love. It is the ultimate guidebook on relationships from finding love, fixing love and even when to let love go. Dr. Nicki is neither your typical author nor your typical therapist. She is your guide, companion, and she skillfully intertwines her own life experiences within the experiences she shares with the reader of Our Love Matters. No matter how you look at it, Our Love Does Matter and Dr. Nicki J. Monti will take you there. You may recognize Dr. Nicki's name or image as she has been featured on many reality TV Shows including Keeping up with the Kardashians, Millionaire Matchmaker and many others. Dr. Nicki not only cuts through the sugar to get the point--she gets you on path to the relationship you want and deserve. If there is one book that any relationship could benefit from, it is Our Love Matters.Find it, Fix it or Let it Go! Dr. Nicki Monti. few; we didna#39;t know quite what they were, so we dismissed them. Then there was the neighbor who got her house tented and we thought, hmm...termites. I should probably have my house checked, too.

Title:Our Love Matters
Author:Dr. Nicki Monti
Publisher:The Montecchiani Group - 2014-01-09


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