Out of My Mind

Out of My Mind

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OUT OF MY MIND is a delightful, eclectic collection of engaging narratives by author Martha Wood. These were developed as the authora€™s mind was, as she puts it, a€œSet free to play.a€ Written in short story style, some of the anecdotes are amusing, as in Funny Names, or Things I Always Wanted to Do, But Thank God I Havena€™t; some serious like It Shouldna€™t Hurt..., or The N Word; some fictional such as Elizabeth, the Queen, or Treasures from the Attic; some poignant as in No One Ever Says, a€œHi, a€ or Where Sorrow and Gladness Meet; while yet others are instructive like Dealing with the Odor, and Until We Eat Again. For a little mystery, there is The Gunslinger, and Congratulations on a Dedicated Life. All, though, give voice to thoughts set free and permitted expression.... Mrs. Tubberville, used tohavea basket of socks with holes in the heels, and some with holes in thetoes. ... She had special darning needles and chose which oneto use depending on the garment tobe fixed, and a thing she calledher darninganbsp;...

Title:Out of My Mind
Author:Martha B. Wood
Publisher:iUniverse - 2014-02-17


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