Out of the Energy Labyrinth

Out of the Energy Labyrinth

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The planet is under threat. And that threat comes from energy. So goes the standard argument. But according to David Howell and Carole Nakhle, this reasoning is wrong._x000D_ In their provocative and original book, the authors argue that energy can become a tool for environmental protection, that energy and environment are not by definition in conflict with each other and that by pooling energy production and environmental protection ideas energy can be part of a solution rather than the problem._x000D_ This book is firmly grounded in reality (given the demands of China, India and other developing economies) and makes specific proposals: a radical rethinking on energy investment strategies; massive incentives to develop alternative fuel technologies; a ground-breaking public awareness strategy to redirect consumers and policy-makers to embrace fundamental (though essentially painless) change in consumption patterns._x000D_ The solutions that Howell and Nakhle offer are unapologetically short term. This is because the energy challenges immediately ahead, if not handled right, could undermine all longer term attempts to limit climate change. Their important and novel approach makes this book essential reading for an understanding of today's bewildering environmental debates._x000D_ _x000D_ _x000D_The Insight weighs less than 1, 900 pounds (862 kg), which is 500 pounds (227 kg) less than the lightest Honda Civic. ... For 2007, Lexus is offering a hybrid version of their GS sport sedan dubbed the GS450h, with a power delivery a#39;well in excess of 300hpa#39;. ... If access time is included it will also be one hour quicker than air travel between Tokyo and Osaka a€“ 1 hour 30 minutes against 2 hours 34 minutesanbsp;...

Title:Out of the Energy Labyrinth
Author:David Howell, Carole Nakhle
Publisher:I.B.Tauris - 2007-05-25


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