Out of Your Mind

Out of Your Mind

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Most of us have a natural curiosity about our bodies and have wondered how it all works. Out of Your Mind provides straightforward answers to all sorts of questions about the human body and how the brain controls its processes.The human body has evolved through a series of adaptations to produce an amazing set of co-ordinating systems. At its head, literally, is the brain a€“ a complex structure that controls almost everything we do and are. This book provides answers to questions such as:How do sound waves become words?What is the selfish gene?Why do we blush?What is stress?How does the brain interpret music?What causes a€˜pins and needlesa€™?Why is pain good for us?Why do we yawn?Why do we dream?Written in clear, non-technical language, and accompanied by simple diagrams and illustrations, Out of Your Mind connects the main systems of the body to the different areas of the brain that control them, and describes the processes involved. It has end-note references for those readers who would like to learn more.Other disorders affecting movement What is the nervous system? What does the central nervous system consist of? What does the peripheral nervous system ... How does the respiratory system work? Why are the lungs different sizes? Why is anbsp;...

Title:Out of Your Mind
Author:Brenda Turner
Publisher:Troubador Publishing Ltd - 2010-09-16


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