Over 50 Exciting Electronics Experiments

Over 50 Exciting Electronics Experiments

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Electronics are here to stay! Be it hospitals, grocery stores, railway stations, or your own house, electronics are everywhere. With electronics intruding each and every sphere of life, more and more people are taking up this field both as a hobby and a career. the only way to understand electronics is to follow Confucius, that is, conducting experiments on your own and seeing for yourself. Over 50 Exciting Electronics Experiments is specially designed to make it possible. the book will take you on a guided journey through this exciting world of electronics. Your travel will begin with the basic building blocks, the power supplies, eventually leading to simple solder less projects with piezo buzzer. Then you will pass through the lanes of digital ICs, building alarms for home, automobile and telephone and mains control. In the audio street, you shall come across simple lapel mike to 20 W (RMS) Amplifier and the process of recording voice on a chip. Towards the end, counters and clocks will introduce themselves to you. Throughout the journey, pin outs, truth tables and descriptions on ICs will be your constant companions. Notes on Tips and Tricks, Soldering and Desoldering, Care of ICs, CMOS and TTL ICs, and Troubleshooting will guide you through this trip and make it an enjoyable experience for you. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this book and start your tour to the fascinating world of electronics!555 goes into timing operation and output goes high at Pin 3 driving Q2 with R6. Relay RLY1 is fired and D1 suppresses reverse voltage of the relay operation. LDR R5 ... Relays should be rated at 12V and have 300 ohms of coil resistance. Contacts ... You may take a cue from the circuits that follow and make one suitable for placing in the wall socket. Parts. Item No. reqd Description Designation 1 1 47uF Cl 2 1 .01uF C3 3 1 1N4003 D1 4 1 BC157 Q1 5 l BELl87 Q2 6 5 10K R1, R2, R6,

Title:Over 50 Exciting Electronics Experiments
Author:K.Krishna Murty
Publisher:Pustak Mahal - 2008-01-01


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