Over the Beach

Over the Beach

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Over the Beach, written by historian and retired Army Colonel Donald W. Boose Jr., is the definitive history of the extensive but little known US Army amphibious operations during the Korean War, 1950-1953. Building on its extensive experience in World War II, the Army conducted three major landing operations during the war, including the assault at Inchon in September 1950. After the massive Chinese attacks two months later the Army executed a series of amphibious withdrawals as it fell back to more defensible positions farther down the peninsula. Throughout the war the Army also conducted a number of massive and complex over-the-shore logistical operations, as well as several amphibious special operations along the Korean littoral. Colonel Boose's work, commissioned by DAMO-ODG, Operations and Technology Office, provides the historical context for any subsequent amphibious operations on the Korean peninsula. As such, this thought-provoking study may provide insights to modern planners crafting future joint or combined operations in that part of the world. -- Publisher's Description.In 1 9 1 8 the document was reissued with a new title, Landing-Force Manual, United States Navy. This was the ... A whaleboat was a large, long, narrow, highly maneuverable rowing or motor boat carried aboard US warships. It was similar to anbsp;...

Title:Over the Beach
Author:Donald W. Boose
Publisher:Government Printing Office - 2008


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