Overcoming My Past

Overcoming My Past

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I stood in the doorway yelling and crying. a€œStop! Stop hitting my mom! Mommy!a€ I yelled while I was crying. Jay threw the wood down. Then he started stomping my mom with his boots on. He was beating my mom in her head, and he was stomping her so badly, that she peed on herself. Then Jay ran out of the room, and he ran downstairs. He got his son and his nephew and they left. I ran over to my mom as I was crying. My mom said bravely, a€œCupcake, everything is going to be ok. Stop crying ok.a€ My mom was in more pain than me, and even then she would act like everything would be okay, but I was eleven years old. So, I knew it wasna€™t okay.My Doctor replied, a€œYou cannot have a baby shower. You will not be able to sit or stand for more then 15-minutes without having contractions and you do not need to go shopping. You should send someone to go get the things that you need.

Title:Overcoming My Past
Author:Zaneeya S.
Publisher:Balboa Press - 2014-05-14


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