Overhauling America's Healthcare Machine

Overhauling America's Healthcare Machine

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Dr. Doug Peredniareveals how government and insurance company-created complexity is tearing apart the U.S. healthcare system and presents a new model for healthcare reform that will actually work. Leading physician, healthcare expert, and entrepreneur Perednia identifies specific inefficiencies and worthless administrative overhead that is making healthcare inaccessible or unaffordable for millions, driving providers from practice, and adding over half a trillion dollars annually to healthcare spending. Next, he shows how to design a far simpler system: one that delivers care to everyone by drawing on the best of both market efficiency and public quniversality.q Recent qhealth care reformq involved 2, 000+ pages of complex, special interest-friendly legislation--including 168 new federal committees, program cuts, and higher taxpayer costs. Perednia offers a better way: a logical, comprehensive, and non-partisan and apolitical approach that gives providers and their patients more medical and financial security, enhances competition, would save some $570 billion annually--and still gives individual patients real freedom. This plan isn't wishful thinking: Overhauling Americaa€™s Healthcare Machine backs it up with detailed logic and objective calculations. Even after the recent endless debate about healthcare, the system is still broken--and unless it's fixed, it will break us all. Perednia shows how to finally fix it: once and for all.Since the popularization of a€œmanaged carea€ as a concept in the 1990s, most insurance companies have made use of either ... Rebif treatment currently costs more than $1, 000 per month. ments these organized efforts: a€œOver the past decade, anbsp;...

Title:Overhauling America's Healthcare Machine
Author:Douglas A. Perednia
Publisher:FT Press - 2011-01-25


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